Jason and Jenny Dorsey

Rev. Jason Dorsey is pastor of Redeemer, a Presbyterian church in Redmond, WA. He is married to his best friend and ally, Jenny. They have four children: Jacob, Julian, Judah and Jacqueline. Besides being a mom and first lady of the church, Jenny is a professional coach. She coaches women professionally and pastor’s and church planter’s wives through Parakaleo https://www.parakaleo.us/. Jason and Jenny are passionate to help Christians embrace their identity in Christ and step courageously into their calling.


Our mission is God’s glory through you, as you embrace his crafting of you and step into his calling for you.


Our vision for you is taken from Isaiah 61.

That you who are poor would hear the good news. You who are brokenhearted would be bound up. You who are captive to false identities would be set free.  You who have wounded hearts would be comforted. You who mourn would wear a beautiful headdress. That you would be called oaks of righteousness, the planting of the Lord, that he may be glorified. That you would be called the priests of the Lord. That you would be spoken of as the ministers of our God. That instead of shame you shall have a double portion. That instead of dishonor you shall rejoice in your lot. That in your land you shall flourish. That you shall have everlasting joy. That you should know the Lord who loves justice. That you should know his faithfully care and everlasting covenant. That your offspring shall be known among the nations, and your descendants in the midst of the peoples. That all who see them shall acknowledge them, that they are an offspring the Lord has blessed.

Most of all, that you would greatly rejoice in the Lord. That your soul shall exult your God, who has clothed you with the garments of salvation. who has covered you with the robe of righteousness, like a bridegroom decks himself, like a priest with a beautiful headdress, like a bride adorns herself with her jewels. As the earth brings forth its sprouts, and as a garden causes what is sown in it to sprout up, so may the Lord God will cause righteousness and praise to sprout up before all the nations through you!

Identity Mapping History

In July, 2003, while on vacation in Bend, OR, Jason first maps his identity and sets goals for the year. This becomes his annual rhythm. In 2008, Jason starts to take members of his Redeemer, Indianapolis, congregation through Identity Discovery sessions. In 2012, the first Identity Mapping cohort studies early drafts of the curriculum. Barb Knuckles and Jason begin conversations about the theology of personhood and identity. In January, 2014, the first IM reunion is held at Twin Oaks Lodge in Brown County, IN. In July 2014, Jason takes a month writing retreat on Camano Island, WA. He compiles his writings into 32 chapters. The first draft of the IM handbook is officially completed. In Spring 2015, a steering committee led by Mike Jones meets with Jason to offer advice on next steps.  They recommend the first step be a professionally produced handbook. Tom Peck designs, David Lichty edits, and Barb Knuckles illustrates The Name. Different models for IM are researched but no final decision is made. The steering committee clarifies that IM is a discipleship curriculum. In May 2015, Jason accepts a call to pastor Redeemer in Redmond, WA. In September 2016, Jason takes the first cohort from Redeemer Redmond through the IM path. Jenny Dorsey assists him.  In July 2017, Jason rewrites The Name with a prelude, fourteen chapters, and postlude. Each chapter is accompanied by a Gospel tool to apply the chapter’s teaching. In May, 2020, the Identity Mapping website and Facebook group are launched.  

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