Embrace your identity, step into your calling.


The Name handbook leads you on a journey of who you are in Christ and the calling that encircles you. When you complete the curriculum, you will have mapped your identity and set goals for each sphere of your life: personal, family, work, community and place. 


Jason and Jenny Dorsey are experienced coaches who would love to help you embrace your identity in Christ and step courageously into your calling. You can register for coaching sessions and an identity discovery session with them after you complete The Name curriculum. 


You won’t walk this journey alone. The Identity Mapping Facebook group is a supportive community of travelers. Seminars and cohorts are offered throughout the year. And you can attend our annual retreat after you have participated in a cohort. 

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Pastoral Couples Cohort

A recent Christianity Today article that was shared on Facebook by my friend, presbyterian pastor Ray Cannata, says that 38% of pastors are considering leaving pastoral ministry. The last couple years has been intense for pastors. The article talks about the questions pastors are asking today: “All the chaos, all the pressure, the magnifying glass…

Letters to Melanie: Intro

I have decided to publish letters between myself and a parishioner of a congregation I pastored many years ago. When they were written, I was a young pastor with all my road before me. The congregation was bursting with young families and a host of kids. Those children are grown and gone. I’m gone from…

Two Identity Mapping Cohorts Launching in January 2022

Do you struggle to embrace who God crafted and redeemed you to be? Do you want clarity on your purpose? Would you like to set goals for 2022 and for the years beyond? Beginning in January 2022, Pastor Jason Dorsey will lead two Identity Mapping cohorts on a sixteen-week discipleship journey. Identity Mapping (IM) is…

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God is passionate about his glory shining through you. We built this discipleship journey to help you embrace your identity and step into your calling for God’s glory.

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Do you wonder: Who am I?  What is my purpose?  What does God want me to do? What should my focus be? Can my heart be healed? How can I live courageously? 

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Identity Mapping is an immersion experience. You can walk this discipleship journey as an individual or in one of our cohorts or seminars. Shop for the path that fits you.

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