Jason Dorsey


Rev. Jason Dorsey has been pastor of Redeemer, a Presbyterian church in Redmond, WA, since 2015. He is married to his best friend and ally, Jenny. They have four children: Jacob, Julian, Judah and Jacqueline. Before serving Redeemer Redmond he was an assistant pastor at Green Lake Presbyterian Church, now Trinity, in Seattle, WA (5 years) and the lead pastor at Redeemer, Indianapolis (13 years). It was at Redeemer, Indianapolis, that Jason developed the Identity Mapping ministry. Jason is passionate to help Christians embrace their identity in Christ and step courageously into their calling. He especially loves to see people step out of their comfort zone and “expect great things of God, attempt great things for God.” Alongside his work as pastor, Jason is the Artistic Director of Sunnyshore Studio. He paints watercolors, writes books, and produces films. He is the author of Beaches of Camano, Jack Dorsey: Sketch of an Artist, and two children’s picture books, I Remember Fishing with Dad and I Remember Running Through the Woods. He produced and directed Fanny: The Artist who made America Smile, the documentary about his great-grandmother, Fanny Y. Cory. He is currently working on the documentary We are Family, that tells the story of an inner city basketball team in Indianapolis, IN who against all odds won the Indiana high school basketball championship and inspired a city in doing so. Jason has a MDiv and MA in systematic theology from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.

What I love:
  • reading biography & theology
  • playing basketball
  • salmon fishing
  • painting watercolors and writing
  • road trips with family
  • long walks with friends
  • creative projects
  • smoking cigars

Jenny Dorsey


 Jenny grew up as a missionary kid (MK) in Peru, so it’s hard to faze her. But when she attended the Church Planting Assessment Center in 2000 with her husband Jason, they fell flat on their faces. They had to put the good news of the gospel to the test: was it really possible to admit to being broken people and still believe they were loved by God beyond their imagination? They began to tackle the issues raised and received the green light to plant churches. She partnered alongside Jason to lead Redeemer, Indianapolis (a very urban setting), help birth a new presbytery, and launch a daughter congregation. Currently they serve at Redeemer, Redmond, WA (a suburban setting). Besides serving in a church, Jenny is a coach and trainer of coaches with Parakaleo. Parakeleo’s vision is to see every woman in church planting trained, supported and valued. Jenny’s experiences, both good and bad in the church and church planting, and her work as an assessor for three denominations, informs her coaching ministry to women all over the world. Jenny is also a certified coach through Creative Results Management. Jenny loves nothing better than having ongoing, intentional conversations that help take the hope of the gospel to the hearts of women so that they can become all that God meant them to be and do all God meant them to do. Jenny and Jason have been married 27 years and have 4 children whose names all begin with “J”. In her other life she is co-owner of Sunnyshore Studio, a gallery that showcases 5 generations of their family art.

What I love:
  • Porch sitting
  • drinking good, dark coffee
  • collecting miniatures for her dollhouse
  • Sitting quietly (I’m an introvert!)
  • My kids and Jason!
  • Mystery movies and books
  • My friends all over the world
  • Jesus, really I do!

Identity Mapping Coaching


The aim of Identity Mapping coaching is summed up in two words: goals and gospel. We help you set goals in every sphere of your life and preach the gospel to yourself to empower you to keep or cut your goals. We believe that everyone needs a coach. We’re honored to come alongside you in this way. 


There are seven coaching sessions, each an hour long. The first session is an orientation to the coaching process and listening to your story. The second through sixth session processes your personal, family, work, community and place goals. We troubleshoot one goal and apply the gospel to it. In the seventh session, you present the compilation of your goals for the upcoming year and a collaboration project to achieve one goal. The total cost of the seven coaching sessions is $350, or $50 per session.

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