Is Identity Mapping for you?

Identity Mapping is a discipleship journey that we encourage Christians to walk every year. Its focus on knowing yourself with growing clarity and setting goals is a great process to go through annually. At the same time, there are seasons where Identity Mapping is especially relevant to one’s life. The Identity Mapping journey is especially helpful for people who:

  • young people who want to gain clarity on who they are and what their calling is.
  • middle aged people who are going through life transitions and want direction.
  • all people who are ready to process heart wounds and want healing.
  • all people who are serious about leveraging their great strength, superpower, for Jesus’ name

Identity Mapping is a big commitment. Don’t join us in the journey if you can’t make a commitment to it. We’d love to talk more and help you discern if it is a good fit. 👋 Reach out to Jason and Jenny using the contact information below, or send a message using the form.

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