Identity Mapping is a journey of discovering yourself more fully as God’s workmanship.  Its combination of guided discovery, study, self-evaluation, community interaction, and personal coaching enables deep growth and change.  Profoundly biblical yet very real to my life, it has led me to see myself more clearly, to embrace both the beauty and brokenness of me (my this-ness), and to understand the fullness of God’s call on my life.  In a word, it’s transformative.” Mike

The Name Handbook

The basic discipleship curriculum of Identity Mapping, The Name, has 14 chapters plus a prelude and postlude. Each chapter is followed by a tool to help you apply its teaching to your life. There are over fifty illustrations by artist Barb Knuckles. We encourage you to color these “theological illustrations” to help you process the content of each chapter. There is room on each page to take notes, and places throughout the handbook to make journal entries. Cost is $97. This includes shipping and handling. 11” by 8.5”, spiral bound, 300 pages. Author: Jason Dorsey.  


The aim of Identity Mapping coaching is summed up in two words: goals and gospel. We help you set goals in every sphere of your life and preach the gospel to yourself to empower you to keep or cut your goals. We believe that everyone needs a coach. We’re honored to come alongside you in this way.  are seven coaching sessions, each an hour long. The total cost of the seven coaching sessions is $350, or $50 per session. Jason coaches the men. Jenny coaches the women. Included in this cost is our Coaching Sessions Guide. It includes a preparation for coaching, the five coaching sessions, and guide to review, assessment and recalibration of annual goals. 11” by 8.5”, spiral bound, 47 pages. Author: Jason Dorsey

Discovery Session

There are three meetings in the formal Discovery Session process. Orientation: In the thirty-minute orientation, you’ll learn about the Discovery Session process and purpose. Jason and Jenny will answer your questions.  Discovery Session: The Identity Discovery Session last two-hours. We explore God’s crafting of you and share some words that sum up who he uniquely made you to be. Debrief. This hour meeting provides space for you to ask follow up questions, discuss what you learned, and apply it to your goals in the next year. The total cost for the Identity Discovery session is $500.

2022 Winter/Spring Identity Mapping Cohort

Want to know who God crafted you to be? Desire to step into your calling with more joy and boldness?

Jason is leading two Identity Mapping virtual cohorts via Zoom on Tuesday evenings, beginning Tuesday, January 4, 2022. The cohorts will run through the end of April. Each cohort will meet sixteen times. The sessions last 1.5 hours.

Cohort #1 meets from 4:00-5:30pm Pacific Standard Time (7:00-8:30pm EST).

Cohort #2 meets from 7:00-8:30pm Pacific Standard Time (10:00-11:30pm EST)

The cost is $125 per person (this cost includes The Name Handbook which is the curriculum that we will use).

“Identity Mapping is personalized spiritual formation.”

— Craig

“It [Identity Mapping] changed my life.”

— Carilyn

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