The Name takes you on a journey of Christian discipleship.


In Part One, you prepare for the journey. The Prelude explains the journey’s destination. Chapter One shares the Identity Mapping (IM) path we will walk. Chapter Two tells that you have a strong ally who travels with you, the Holy Spirit. Chapter Three shares how we will journey as pilgrims. 


In Part Two, you embrace your identity. Chapter Four shows how personhood is the foundation of your identity. Chapter Five studies the threads that God weaves to build you. Chapter Six locates you in the Bible’s story of creation, fall, redemption and restoration. Chapter Seven explains what false identities are and how to deconstruct them. Chapter Eight looks at the traumas of your life and how they can be healed. Chapter Nine encourages you to accept responsibility for the calling that encircles you. 


In Part Three, you step into your calling. Chapter Ten encourages you to take ownership of your body and soul, heart and mind. Chapter Eleven celebrates your family and cheers you on in your roles in the cradle of civilization. Chapter Twelve gives five mature perspectives on work and says that it is integral to your calling. Chapter Thirteen values community and teaches some practices of engaging community. Chapter Fourteen reflects on the importance of place: how place shapes you and how you are calling to faithful presence, to bloom in the place God planted you, and long for heaven. The Prelude I’ll keep a secret for now, a reward for following the long journey to their end. 


Illustrations fill this book. My friend, Barb Knuckles, who drew them after hours of conversation with me and prayer refers to them as illustrated theology. Just like words can convey theological truth, so can pictures. Think of this book as a kind of adult coloring book. Buy some colored pencils, pens, crayons or watercolors and color in each illustration. Pray for insight as you do. I hope you will share your art with us along the way. The book truly is a work of art.

Each chapter is followed by a Tool that helps you apply the content of the chapter to your life. The tools often have illustrations to color and places for you to journal. Prayerful, thoughtful interaction with the tools will enrich your journey.


The basic discipleship curriculum of Identity Mapping, The Name, has 14 chapters plus a prelude and postlude. Each chapter is followed by a tool to help you apply its teaching to your life. There are over fifty illustrations by artist Barb Knuckles. We encourage you to color these “theological illustrations” to help you process the content of each chapter. There is room on each page to take notes, and places throughout the handbook to make journal entries. Cost is $97. This includes shipping and handling. 11” by 8.5”, spiral bound, 300 pages. Author: Jason Dorsey.  

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