Identity Mapping Discovery Session

“One of the unique aspects of the Identity Mapping course is the opportunity to tell your story and have someone listen to your story from a curious and non-judgmental space.  I sometimes can get bogged down in the details and have trouble ‘seeing the forest for the trees’.  It has been so helpful to get feedback and reflection after telling my story.  It has helped me to see my story more clearly for what it is and myself for how God has uniquely crafted me through someone else’s eyes.” Marty


The Identity Discover Session maps your identity, who God crafted you to be. This mapping is provisionary because you are fully known only by God. We are honored to hear your story: its themes and threads, its wounds and wonders, its strengths and weakness, its joys and sadness.



There are three meetings in the formal Discovery Session process.

  1. Orientation: In the thirty-minute orientation, you’ll learn about the Discovery Session process and purpose. Jason and Jenny will answer your questions.  
  2. Discovery Session: The Identity Discovery Session last two-hours. We explore God’s crafting of you and share some words that sum up who he uniquely made you to be. 
  3. Debrief. This hour meeting provides space for you to ask follow up questions, discuss what you learned, and apply it to your goals in the next year.

What happens in an Identity Discovery Session?

We ask questions from the Identity Mapping Tool and follow up questions based on this interaction. After 1.5 hours we suggest a couple of words sum up for us your particularity. These words are provisionary because no words can sum up all that is you. You will interact with these exploratory suggestions of what has been discovered. Then we reflect on how your particularity reflects and represents God whose image you bear. 

Do I have to answer every question in the Identity Discovery Session?

The answer is no. You have authority at any point in the Discovery Session to not answer any question. Only share what you are comfortable with. You should let the “water-line” down as only far as you feel comfortable. We respect the boundaries of your privacy.

Do I need to come to the Identity Discovery session prepared?

It is up to you. Some choose to come to the session without any preparation. They prefer just to answer the questions spontaneously. Others prefer to know what questions they may be asked, or even write out their answers. No way is “right.” Do what you are comfortable with. 

What if I don’t like the words used of me? 

You have authority to determine what words best name God’s workmanship in you. We will do our best to chose words that fit. While we encourage you to ponder the words we chose, at the end of the day you know yourself. We encourage you to choose the words that help you gain the most clarity on God’s crafting. Each person who participates in a Discovery Session signs it this release form.  

 I understand that only God knows my true identity and that only God can reveal me to myself. I am participating in this Identity Mapping Discovery session so that I can more deeply know who God has designed, crafted, and redeemed me to be. I appreciate that the community of God’s people are listening to who God has made me and redeemed me to be. But I also understand that they cannot see my true identity. I recognize that any words that they might give me is not my true identity or my “new name” (Revelation 2:17), but only their best attempt to name who they see God has made and redeemed me to be. I recognize that I am ultimately responsible before God to hear His voice in my life and to change and adapt my knowledge as myself as He reveals me to myself. I also recognize that I am free throughout this Identity Discovery session to not answer any question I am not comfortable with or to end the session at any point.

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