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Living for God’s Name

You are God’s wonderful work made for the glory of his Name. This seminar unpacks Psalm 139, God’s workmanship in you and your response of allegiance to God’s name. It studies the names of God in the Bible, how God’s names reveal who he is for you, and how you are called to glorify God’s name.  In this seminar, you will learn the ancient Christian practice of meditating on the names of God that surround you like a marching army.  

The Missional Life

You can’t know who you are and what you are for unless you know the story you are in. The Bible’s story of creation, fall, redemption and restoration is the big story you are in. It tells who you are and what you are for, to be a participant in God’s restoration of all things. This restoration includes inviting others into God’s story. You will apply this to your life through creating a Disciple Making Plan

Redemption of your Wounds

All of us have invisible wounds of the heart. Even though we try to deny and suppress them, they pollute and paralyze us. There is hope. By Jesus’ wounds you are healed. The places where you are most deeply wounded can become life-giving when healed by the grace of Christ. This seminar explores heart wounds and the stations on the way to healing. We practice healing prayer as a means of healing. 

Accepting Responsibility, Growing in Role Artistry

You are smack dab at the center of your calling. It encircles you. A godly man or woman rejects passivity and accepts his or her responsibility. This seminar explores your God-appointed calling by mapping your roles in each sphere of life: personal, family, work, community and place. It helps you step boldly into your calling by growing in role artistry. 

Family Nurture

The family is the cradle of civilization. It is a high calling and worth wholehearted labor, and also the source of our greatest wounds. Roles and relationships in the family are ever-changing. This seminar teaches the skills of prioritizing marriage, leading family worship, engaging in spiritual relationships, making sacred memories and telling redemptive stories. You will set goals for each role and relationship in the family. 

Pursue Community

Jesus wants you to engage in life-giving relationships as a friend, neighbor, citizen and in the church. This seminar explores friendship as one of life’s greatest goods and the church as the knowing, loving, healing and collaborating community of Jesus. It equips you with two practices of community: solidarity and hospitality. You will work through internal blockages that keep you from engaging in community and learn how to invite others to join you in a collaboration project. 

Financial Intimacy

Money can be a powerful god, an idol in your life. Its wounds and damage intense. But it can also be a tool that draws you into intimacy with God, your spouse and family, and others as it aligns with your identity and calling. This seminar helps you name destructive idolatries, wounds and false identities caused by money. It leads you on a journey to profane money, putting it in its rightful place as a tool to be leveraged in a way that truly reflects God’s design and calling of you. 

Cultivating Creativity

You are made in the image of the Creator God and endowed with immense gifts of imagination, storytelling and making. God imbedded creation with potentialities of architecture and art, song and story, food and film to be mined for his glory. In this seminar your creative calling will be encouraged through cultivating the virtues of courage, teachability and perseverance.  

Godly Sexuality

God created your sexuality and blesses it. But the Fall pollutes, corrupts, twists and tangles it. All of us are sexually broken. The result is seen today in sexual addiction, the confusion around sexual identity, and the guilt and shame of our sexual brokenness. But through Jesus and the vulnerable community of his people, there is healing of sexual addiction, a way forward through sexual confusion, and the covering of your guilt and shame. In this seminar, we learn the Bible’s vision for godly sexuality and walk the Bible’s path of healing together. 

Christian Identity

You may have noticed how important identity is today, both at a social and personal level. There is much confusion about identity, especially in the area of sexual identity. The Christian view of identity is unique and compelling. This seminar explores Christian identity in contrast to contemporary perspectives. We study five inevitabilities that accompany Christian identity. You will learn the spiritual discipline of preaching the Gospel to yourself that helps you thrive as an individual.

Mapping Your Identity

You are made to be interdependent. You have a superpower to share with the world. And you have profound limitations. You need others. In this seminar we lead you through a process of mapping your identity. Through identity mapping you will affirm and embrace who God uniquely made you to be. You will name your great strengths as well as accept your limitations and need for others. You will see how God is to you first who he made you to be for the world. 

Deconstructing False Identities

You are uniquely designed to bring great glory to God. But you have constructed false identities that steal glory from God. They are the result of the profound insecurity you experience from the Fall. You construct false identities motivated by shame and pride. In this seminar we help you identify your false idols and repent of them by rejoicing in Jesus who covers you with his beauty.

Shepherding Your Heart

The personal sphere is your most important, and often most neglected responsibility. You flourish as you love God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength. Idols of the heart compromise and enslave you. This seminar helps you shepherd your heart, cultivate your mind, grow in godly sexuality and physical and emotional health by tearing down idols and establishing healthy boundaries. 

Flourishing @ Work

You are designed for work. Work is mandated and redeemed by God. This seminar explores work as mandated by God, your contribution to the world, mastery of your craft, a school of spiritual formation and a platform for witness. You will be encouraged to plow the fields God gave you by identifying external barriers that stand in the way to harvest and listening to the Holy Spirit in a “Holy Spirit counseling session” for guidance on how to address them. 

Place Matters

God puts us in a place to be formed by it and to cultivate and care for it. The Bible’s story teaches the importance of place, and calls us to bloom where we are planted. This seminar looks at the importance of place in the Bible and in your story, and helps you set goals to bloom in the places where God has planted you. You will map your places, think creatively about cultivating your places, and leave with a new or renewed commitment to place.

Gathering Collaborators

Your calling is too big to accomplish on your own. You’ll need collaborators to come alongside you, help you, support you, and cheer you on. In this seminar we discover how God designed us to be interdependent, to need each other. You need the superpower of others, and they need you. You will gain skills of asking for help, clarifying tasks, releasing without guilt, and thanking those who came alongside.  

The Nobility and Particularity of Prayer

The great nobility of prayer is that you come to the throne of the Holy God and speak to God face to face. The great particularity of prayer is that you come as the unique son or daughter of God you are. This seminar explores how accepting the doctrines of your personhood and particularity impacts your prayer life. Healing prayer is practiced as a tool to work through blockages and barriers to prayer.   

Marriage Conversations

God designed marriage to be an intimate alliance between a man and a woman. Such an alliance requires relational, social, financial, sexual and spiritual intimacy. In this seminar you will be guided through these important conversations and be given tools to help you have them as a regular part of your married life.


“…the fusion of text, tools and classroom teaching drives biblical truths home and causes a holy wrestle with new thoughts that are maturing and faith building. Classroom conversations and dinners add to the discovery as well. Speaking, naming, listening, reflecting – all integral to the process.” Amy

“In the midst of the journey of refining, reorientation, and renewal that is living relationship with Jesus Christ, we grow in knowledge of God and ourselves, revealing and glorifying God in the complex facets of daily life united and integrated by the Holy Spirit through our God-defined identity and unique calling that flows from it.” Barb

Are you interested hosting an Identity Mapping seminar? Let’s build something great together.

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