Faith of a Mustard Seed Project Report

On September 12, 2020, a team from Redeemer Redmond Church (Me, Pastor Jason Dorsey, Jim Gibons, Jordon Lewis, Dismas Smith, and Dave Lane, who joined them a few days later) and some friends (Jed, Renae and Willow Dorsey and Tiffany Clark) traveled to Indianapolis, IN to help restore a house owned by a good friendContinue reading “Faith of a Mustard Seed Project Report”

SEVEN…The team going to Indy and God’s answer of my prayer

A couple days ago I wrote this on facebook: “A month from today, on September 12 seven men will join me in Indy to plant a mustard seed to build friendship across racial divides by working on a common cause: to empower African Americans through home and business ownership. Our pilot project is the restorationContinue reading “SEVEN…The team going to Indy and God’s answer of my prayer”