2021 Winter/Spring Identity Mapping Cohorts

Would you like to know yourself and God better? Do you want more clarity on your calling? Would you like to set goals for 2021 (and beyond) that reflect God’s design of you and calling for you? Do you want to bring God glory by becoming more fully who he redeemed you to be? WouldContinue reading “2021 Winter/Spring Identity Mapping Cohorts”

The Cost of Being an Ally, and the Cost of Not Being an Ally

There are a lot of calls today to ally with the African American community in their struggle for justice. While I prefer to to be a friend with my black brothers and sisters, OK, let’s go with ally. Good enough. The rally cry is to not let down our allies by growing weary in listeningContinue reading “The Cost of Being an Ally, and the Cost of Not Being an Ally”

Let’s Talk About Race

It has been a brutal month for African Americans in our country. Have you beenupset, outraged, and saddened to hear about senseless deaths of black people inour nation? Does it leave you with more questions than answers? Do you want toknow as a white person what you can do about it? You are invited toContinue reading “Let’s Talk About Race”