Pastoral Couples Cohort

A recent Christianity Today article that was shared on Facebook by my friend, presbyterian pastor Ray Cannata, says that 38% of pastors are considering leaving pastoral ministry. The last couple years has been intense for pastors. The article talks about the questions pastors are asking today: “All the chaos, all the pressure, the magnifying glassContinue reading “Pastoral Couples Cohort”

Letters to Melanie: Intro

I have decided to publish letters between myself and a parishioner of a congregation I pastored many years ago. When they were written, I was a young pastor with all my road before me. The congregation was bursting with young families and a host of kids. Those children are grown and gone. I’m gone fromContinue reading “Letters to Melanie: Intro”

Two Identity Mapping Cohorts Launching in January 2022

Do you struggle to embrace who God crafted and redeemed you to be? Do you want clarity on your purpose? Would you like to set goals for 2022 and for the years beyond? Beginning in January 2022, Pastor Jason Dorsey will lead two Identity Mapping cohorts on a sixteen-week discipleship journey. Identity Mapping (IM) isContinue reading “Two Identity Mapping Cohorts Launching in January 2022”

Chosen by God

The deepest identity and security of Christians are found in these words: chosen by God. We know that none are worthy of God’s choice. God doesn’t choose the “good guys.” No! The lost, the worthless, the weak, the insignificant, the moral train wrecks, the foolish of this world are the ones our God delights toContinue reading “Chosen by God”

Two Impossible Prayers

In The Name I tell the story of how God answered two “impossible prayers” Jenny prayed. In our recent Identity Mapping cohort Jenny and I had the joy of learning more of the specifics of how God answered her prayer in the life of Tyler Kneiss. The story starts like this. In July 2004, whenContinue reading “Two Impossible Prayers”

I Matter

On Tuesday evening we wrapped up two Identity Mapping cohorts. We started the Identity Mapping journey in January and we traveled together reading and discussing a chapter and tool from the The Name each week. This was the first time that Identity Mapping cohorts met via Zoom. It worked. Participants came from all over –Continue reading “I Matter”

Our Maui Adventure

Thirty-three years after we first held hands on Valentines Day, 1988, Jenny and I spent ten magical days on Maui. We had recently learned from the Prepare and Enrich marriage assessment tool that the lack of leisure time was the weak link in our marriage. Ben, a friend from college who debriefed us on theContinue reading “Our Maui Adventure”

The Weak Link in our Marriage

“The weak link in your marriage is…” our Certified Facilitator and friend Ben said, “and it is serious.” We were on the phone with Ben two weeks ago to debrief our Prepare and Enrich survey results. Prepare and Enrich is a premarital and marriage assessment tool that has helped couples enrich their relationship for theContinue reading “The Weak Link in our Marriage”

My One Goal for 2021: To Love Jenny Accurately

I set one goal for 2021: to love Jenny accurately. It got me in a little bit of trouble. But that got all worked out. Let me explain. Since 2003 when I first wrote out what I thought my identity and calling was, I have made a list of annual goals that cover every sphereContinue reading “My One Goal for 2021: To Love Jenny Accurately”

When I see the blood, I will pass over you

Many people are offended by Christians belief in God’s judgment. They think Christians believe that they are the “good guys” and everyone else are the “bad guys” who will be judged. Nothing could be further from the truth. The story of God’s rescue of Israel from slavery in Egypt teaches truth about God’s judgment. YouContinue reading “When I see the blood, I will pass over you”