I Matter

On Tuesday evening we wrapped up two Identity Mapping cohorts. We started the Identity Mapping journey in January and we traveled together reading and discussing a chapter and tool from the The Name each week. This was the first time that Identity Mapping cohorts met via Zoom. It worked. Participants came from all over – Bloomington, St. Louis, Phoenix, Chicago, Denver and the Seattle area – to journey together for seventeen weeks.

At our last gathering we processed group closure. It was sweet but sad. We talked about the stages of our group: from how we joined with some apprehension, to how we grew to trust each other, to how we then shared our hearts and lives and struggles and breakthroughs with each other, to how now we were saying our goodbyes. Everyone expressed how meaningful the cohort had been. Sweetest of all was when participants shared about how each person had brought their special “thisness” to the group, how special they were. We ended by celebrating God’s grace and glory in each other.

One young man summed his experience up in this way. He said something like, “It sounds kind of sappy, but the biggest thing I got from this group is that I matter.” Yes, he matters. And you matter too, you matter immensely to God!

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