Letters to Melanie: Intro

I have decided to publish letters between myself and a parishioner of a congregation I pastored many years ago. When they were written, I was a young pastor with all my road before me. The congregation was bursting with young families and a host of kids. Those children are grown and gone. I’m gone fromContinue reading “Letters to Melanie: Intro”

Chosen by God

The deepest identity and security of Christians are found in these words: chosen by God. We know that none are worthy of God’s choice. God doesn’t choose the “good guys.” No! The lost, the worthless, the weak, the insignificant, the moral train wrecks, the foolish of this world are the ones our God delights toContinue reading “Chosen by God”

2021 Winter/Spring Identity Mapping Cohorts

Would you like to know yourself and God better? Do you want more clarity on your calling? Would you like to set goals for 2021 (and beyond) that reflect God’s design of you and calling for you? Do you want to bring God glory by becoming more fully who he redeemed you to be? WouldContinue reading “2021 Winter/Spring Identity Mapping Cohorts”

Let’s Talk About Race

It has been a brutal month for African Americans in our country. Have you beenupset, outraged, and saddened to hear about senseless deaths of black people inour nation? Does it leave you with more questions than answers? Do you want toknow as a white person what you can do about it? You are invited toContinue reading “Let’s Talk About Race”

Will You Stand With Us?

In a previous post I shared about my friend Donteau Gladney, Sr. and a decision I made to stand with him on a project that he and I have talked about, dreamed of, and planned for many years. The last two weeks we’ve talked about the details of the business plan. ll share more detailsContinue reading “Will You Stand With Us?”

Introducing Myself

I’m Jason Dorsey, a husband of twenty-eight years, father of four great kids, three sons and a daughter, and a presbyterian pastor. My wife, Jenny, has been my strong ally since we were married June 20, 1992 in Redding, CA. Here’s a picture of us the day we first held hands: Valentines Day, February 14,Continue reading “Introducing Myself”