Will You Stand With Us?

In a previous post I shared about my friend Donteau Gladney, Sr. and a decision I made to stand with him on a project that he and I have talked about, dreamed of, and planned for many years.

The last two weeks we’ve talked about the details of the business plan. ll share more details about the F.O.M. business plan and September pilot project in a later post. In this post I simply want to share that we have a date set. More importantly, I want to ask you to consider joining me in standing together for friendship across race and culture and economics.

  • Friday, September 11, 2020: fly into Indianapolis, orientation
  • Saturday, September 12: work all day on the home renovation project
  • Sunday, September 13: visit urban churches in am, lunch, work afternoon & evening
  • Monday, September 14-Wednesday, September 16: home renovation.
  • Thursday, September 17th: fly home

What I’m most excited about is not the work project, or empowering my friend Donteau through business ownership, but it is building friendships and relationships across divides of culture, race, economics. Friendship is a great power and it can change the world. Would you prayerfully consider joining us?

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