F.O.M.’s first official project: Creation of a “Home Base” of operations

In previous posts I’ve shared about my friendship with Donteau Gladney and our dream to create Faith of a Mustard Seed’s (F.o.M.) a social purpose business that would empower people of color in Indianapolis through home and business ownership. We’ve asked you to consider standing with us in this initiative. I’ve laid the executive summary of our business, which Donteau will oversee, here.

On September 12, a team of SEVEN men will begin work on a home that Donteau owns on the near west side of Indy. This home will serve as the base of operations for F.o.M. Our team of SEVEN will create the template for other teams to come to Indy and stand alongside the African American community is solidarity, hard work and growing friendship. We dream of the renovation of many homes, that will be sold at very affordable prices (due to the volunteer investment) and of the support and even catalyzing of many black led businesses.

Donteau sent me pictures this week of his house that we are going to be working on.

We’ll be working on the inside, painting the outside, and doing yardwork (which is my specialty!).

We’ll be partnering with an organization that trains young black men on home construction. They have an awesome program. More on that later. I’ll share in a future article ways that my Indy friends can come around and support us in this project. But for now I just wanted to share these pictures of the work we have ahead. Let’s do this!

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