Faith of a Mustard Seed Project Report

On September 12, 2020, a team from Redeemer Redmond Church (Me, Pastor Jason Dorsey, Jim Gibons, Jordon Lewis, Dismas Smith, and Dave Lane, who joined them a few days later) and some friends (Jed, Renae and Willow Dorsey and Tiffany Clark) traveled to Indianapolis, IN to help restore a house owned by a good friendContinue reading “Faith of a Mustard Seed Project Report”

Letter to “Pilot” Faith of a Mustard Seed Work Team

Here’s a letter I wrote this morning to a group of men who are considering joining our first Faith of a Mustard Seed work team. My dream is to take seven men from the Northwest with me, and team up with other men in Indy. We have room for a couple of more men. DoContinue reading “Letter to “Pilot” Faith of a Mustard Seed Work Team”

F.O.M.’s first official project: Creation of a “Home Base” of operations

In previous posts I’ve shared about my friendship with Donteau Gladney and our dream to create Faith of a Mustard Seed’s (F.o.M.) a social purpose business that would empower people of color in Indianapolis through home and business ownership. We’ve asked you to consider standing with us in this initiative. I’ve laid the executive summaryContinue reading “F.O.M.’s first official project: Creation of a “Home Base” of operations”

Will You Stand With Us?

In a previous post I shared about my friend Donteau Gladney, Sr. and a decision I made to stand with him on a project that he and I have talked about, dreamed of, and planned for many years. The last two weeks we’ve talked about the details of the business plan. ll share more detailsContinue reading “Will You Stand With Us?”

The Implications of Friendship

This week I joined a call with pastor’s processing the tragic shooting of Ahmaud Arbery, talking about race and racism, and what we could and should do to as pastors. As the call went on I found myself first sad, then angry, then flat out pissed off. I’m not going to say the pastors wereContinue reading “The Implications of Friendship”