Help us launch a social purpose business that creates relationships across racial divides

In Identity Mapping terminology, a “collaboration project” is when you are stepping into your calling but need others to help you do it. Here is a big collaboration project that I’m stepping into and need help accomplishing. Already many people have stepped up to help. My church, Redeemer Redmond, has given $2,500 through our deacon fund and Mercy, Outreach and Justice department. Redeemer’s deacons are also taking a special offering for this project. My brother Jed raised 3K through a Kickstarter campaign. A friend (and her daughter) donated $1,500 for a new computer, and each team member is doing what they can to raise funds as well. So we’re off to a good start!

On September 12, 2020 a team from my church in Redmond and a few other friends will travel to Indy to launch a social purpose business called Faith of a Mustard Seed, or F.o.M. The business owner of F.o.M. is my friend, Donteau Gladney.

The mission of F.o.M. is to create relationships across racial divides by (1) mobilizing volunteers to renovate homes and (2) empowering African Americans by home and business ownership. Our first project is to finish restoring a house owned by Donteau on the near west side of Indianapolis that will be used as the home base of operations for F.o.M. It is 90% done. We hope to finish the last 10%.

We can’t plant this seed without the help of others. Here are some very specific ways that you can collaborate with us.

Support our Team on the worksite

The following our some specific ways that you could help our team on the worksite:

  • Provide dinner for 20 people on Tuesday 6pm at worksite.
  • Donate or loan tools (contact Jason 317.209.6768 for more info).
  • Provide (1) air mattresses, (2) sleeping bags, and (3) pillows for team members who will be sleeping at Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Indy.
  • Jump in for a day or two to help on the worksite: Sunday afternoon (Sept 13); Monday (Sept 14), Tuesday (Sept 15); Wednesday (Sept 16); Thursday (Sept 17).

Help us Raise 10K $8,500 for business startup funds

We are seeking to raise 10K to build a solid business foundation. Those monies will be used for the following things:

  • Purchase Quickbooks financial recording and reporting
  • Hire Accountant
  • Purchase domain and one year subscription to Square Space, a website platform
  • Purchase quality camera for photographing and video footage of work crews and for high quality images and videos for other promotion and marketing
  • Purchase laptop computer to run web site, communication, marketing, etc.
  • Hire emerging Indianapolis filmmaker, Tremayne Reed, to tell story of Donteau and F.o.M. for marketing and fundraising

Help Us Raise 30K $25,500 to complete renovations of F.o.M.’s Home Base

These monies will be used to complete the following renovations:

  • Replacing exterior siding and painting the north side of house.
  • Repairing retaining wall and basement foundation
  • Installing flooring
  • Installing appliances in two bathrooms
  • Installing trim and painting inside the house
  • Landscaping back and front yard
  • Purchase of tools
  • Install lighting
  • Hire a professional contractor to oversee job

How to Give

I’m very thankful that the deacons at the church I pastor, Redeemer Redmond, are supporting this trip financially as well as taking an offering to help us raise money for the business start-up costs and to finish home renovations listed above. You can give to the F.o.M. project by writing a check to Redeemer Redmond, or giving online. These gifts are tax deductible. Every penny will go towards the launch of F.o.M.:

Write a Check to Redeemer Redmond, the church sending the team, by check:

  • Write check to Redeemer Redmond. In memo line put “Indy Project”
  • Mail check to PO Box 1482, Woodinville, WA 98072

Give to Redeemer Redmond, the church sending the work team, online:

  • Go to Redeemer’s web site:
  • On home page of web site choose “Online Giving button”
  • Or you can go directly to our subsplash giving app here:
  • Input the amount of money you would like to give and press “next”
  • If will ask for your credit card information, enter that
  • After entering your credit card information, the next bar down says “Fund”. Press that bar. You will be given three options. Do not choose “general fund” or “deacon fund”. Choose “Justice Indy Trip”
  • Please designate this as a one time gift.

If you’d prefer to give directly to F.o.M. you can do so here:

You can also give through my brother Jed Dorsey’s fundraiser for this same project on facebook go here:

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