Jesus and Politics

I am very troubled by the Christians of different political parties today treat each other with contempt and dismissiveness. I see this division as a massive forgetting of our shared love for and loyalty to Jesus. Here are 30 Theses that share my view for how our allegiance to Jesus should shape our political zeal.Continue reading “Jesus and Politics”

Jehovah Jireh

A story from your family’s past can define your family. It may be from the distant past, like the story of how your grandparents immigrated to America or from recent history, like your parent’s divorce and the devastation that brought. Our move to Camano Island in 1969 for Dad to be a full-time artist wasContinue reading “Jehovah Jireh”

Father Hunger…sought, lost, reconciled by Art Cosgrove

Imagine for a moment that you’re at an airport waiting for a friend’s plane to arrive. You can’t help overhearing the conversation of two young men standing right behind you. One says to the other, “My Dad is just about the best Dad a guy could ever have. He was always there for me whenContinue reading “Father Hunger…sought, lost, reconciled by Art Cosgrove”

2021 Winter/Spring Identity Mapping Cohorts

Would you like to know yourself and God better? Do you want more clarity on your calling? Would you like to set goals for 2021 (and beyond) that reflect God’s design of you and calling for you? Do you want to bring God glory by becoming more fully who he redeemed you to be? WouldContinue reading “2021 Winter/Spring Identity Mapping Cohorts”

Faith of a Mustard Seed Project Report

On September 12, 2020, a team from Redeemer Redmond Church (Me, Pastor Jason Dorsey, Jim Gibons, Jordon Lewis, Dismas Smith, and Dave Lane, who joined them a few days later) and some friends (Jed, Renae and Willow Dorsey and Tiffany Clark) traveled to Indianapolis, IN to help restore a house owned by a good friendContinue reading “Faith of a Mustard Seed Project Report”

Intersectionality is a dead end…but there is another way

Intersectionality is a dead end Intersectionality is an ideological dead end. This doesn’t mean that the concept of intersectionality is devoid of truth or that the practice of intersectionality can’t do good. Studying and practicing intersectionality can broaden your mind and better your interactions. By saying that intersectionality is a dead end, I mean thatContinue reading “Intersectionality is a dead end…but there is another way”

Help us launch a social purpose business that creates relationships across racial divides

In Identity Mapping terminology, a “collaboration project” is when you are stepping into your calling but need others to help you do it. Here is a big collaboration project that I’m stepping into and need help accomplishing. Already many people have stepped up to help. My church, Redeemer Redmond, has given $2,500 through our deaconContinue reading “Help us launch a social purpose business that creates relationships across racial divides”

Meet Tiffany Clark: Faith of a Mustard Seed Launch Team Member #7+

We are super excited to have Tiffany Clark joining us in Indy. I met Tiffany when I served as a pastor at Green Lake Presbyterian Church and she was a college student at the University of Washington. We reconnected a couple of weeks ago when she bought a painting at Jackie’s Big Art Sale andContinue reading “Meet Tiffany Clark: Faith of a Mustard Seed Launch Team Member #7+”