SEVEN…The team going to Indy and God’s answer of my prayer

A couple days ago I wrote this on facebook: “A month from today, on September 12 seven men will join me in Indy to plant a mustard seed to build friendship across racial divides by working on a common cause: to empower African Americans through home and business ownership. Our pilot project is the restorationContinue reading “SEVEN…The team going to Indy and God’s answer of my prayer”

Letter to “Pilot” Faith of a Mustard Seed Work Team

Here’s a letter I wrote this morning to a group of men who are considering joining our first Faith of a Mustard Seed work team. My dream is to take seven men from the Northwest with me, and team up with other men in Indy. We have room for a couple of more men. DoContinue reading “Letter to “Pilot” Faith of a Mustard Seed Work Team”

Place Matters Seminar

A couple of years ago, Jenny and I met with Steve Garber at Zoka, my favorite Seattle coffee shop in Seattle. Years before I spent hours each week when I worked as an assistant pastor at Green Lake Presbyterian. We had returned to the Seattle area after serving thirteen years at Redeemer Presbyterian church inContinue reading “Place Matters Seminar”

A Discipleship Journey for Pastors & Spouses & Couples in Ministry

Are you weary in (not of) ministry? Have you been wounded by “friendly fire?” Are you in a transition in ministry and/or life? Do you want clarity on your particular strength and voice in ministry? Would you like someone to cheer you on just as you cheer others on?

Pastor Jason and Jenny Dorsey are launching an Identity Mapping cohort for pastors & spouses and couples in ministry. Learn more here.

F.O.M.’s first official project: Creation of a “Home Base” of operations

In previous posts I’ve shared about my friendship with Donteau Gladney and our dream to create Faith of a Mustard Seed’s (F.o.M.) a social purpose business that would empower people of color in Indianapolis through home and business ownership. We’ve asked you to consider standing with us in this initiative. I’ve laid the executive summaryContinue reading “F.O.M.’s first official project: Creation of a “Home Base” of operations”

Here I Stand: Imago Dei

Yesterday morning at our church’s men’s prayer time, we had an excellent discussion of Genesis 1:27, one of the foundational passages of the Bible on the dignity and status of all persons. “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.” WeContinue reading “Here I Stand: Imago Dei”

Recover Gracefully or what to do when your plans change (Steps 2 & 3)

In a previous post I told how my daughter Jackie and I planned to take a month long painting road trip from San Diego to Seattle along Highway 101 as part of my three month sabbatical and how I chose to cancel my sabbatical and our road trip due to Covid-19. I shared a termContinue reading “Recover Gracefully or what to do when your plans change (Steps 2 & 3)”

Faith of a Mustard Seed Business Plan

The Need Indianapolis, IN, has a history of racism. Indianapolis was once the hub of the KKK. Crispus Attucks High School was built to be an all-black public high school partly because some white residents of the city did not want their children to attend an integrated high school. It was built in the areaContinue reading “Faith of a Mustard Seed Business Plan”