Will You Stand With Us?

In a previous post I shared about my friend Donteau Gladney, Sr. and a decision I made to stand with him on a project that he and I have talked about, dreamed of, and planned for many years. The last two weeks we’ve talked about the details of the business plan. ll share more detailsContinue reading “Will You Stand With Us?”

Recover Gracefully or what to do when your plans change

This summer I was supposed to take a sabbatical. The elders at Redeemer graciously gave me three month away. Budget money was set aside to pay preachers and admin in my absence. Sunday, June 6, would be my “decommissioning,” releasing me to rest and renewal. My daughter Jackie and I planned a month long paintingContinue reading “Recover Gracefully or what to do when your plans change”

The Implications of Friendship

This week I joined a call with pastor’s processing the tragic shooting of Ahmaud Arbery, talking about race and racism, and what we could and should do to as pastors. As the call went on I found myself first sad, then angry, then flat out pissed off. I’m not going to say the pastors wereContinue reading “The Implications of Friendship”

Thankful for Green Lake Presbyterian Church and for the chance to share the Name with my brothers from that church.

I’m thankful to be speaking at a virtual retreat at Trinity Church, Seattle, at the end of May. The last five days, I’ve worked hard on another full edit of The Name so the guys at the retreat could have the best possible version. As I worked through the document, line by line, page byContinue reading “Thankful for Green Lake Presbyterian Church and for the chance to share the Name with my brothers from that church.”

Is there a vaccine for the virus of shame and pride?

There’s lots of talk today about the need for a vaccine for coronavirus. It is a serious disease and I hope a vaccine is discovered soon. But I’m more concerned about two much more destructive viruses: shame and pride. These spiritual viruses are far more pervasive, insidious, and deadly. They infect almost every act thatContinue reading “Is there a vaccine for the virus of shame and pride?”

Identity Mapping History

I took myself through a process of naming my identity and setting goals for the coming year, what I now call Identity Mapping, for the first time while on vacation in Sun River, OR, July, 2003. We were vacationing with Jenny’s side of the family at a home of family friends. Early each morning, IContinue reading “Identity Mapping History”

Introducing Myself

I’m Jason Dorsey, a husband of twenty-eight years, father of four great kids, three sons and a daughter, and a presbyterian pastor. My wife, Jenny, has been my strong ally since we were married June 20, 1992 in Redding, CA. Here’s a picture of us the day we first held hands: Valentines Day, February 14,Continue reading “Introducing Myself”